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AJAX Challenge: All a waste of time?

One of the biggest reasons I’ve been switching to online apps is because I tend to use a few different computers. I have a laptop, a computer in my home office, a computer in the family study and I will quite often jump onto a different PC at work if I want to do something quickly but couldn’t be bothered to set my laptop up.

However, I’m asking myself today, what other benefits do online applications have, because Google Desktop 3 supposedly means you can get access to your documents and work history regardless of where you are.

The answer I keep coming up with then is collaboration. With services like Google Desktop 3, as well as online storage services like OmniDrive, you don’t need a hosted app to get that portability and mobility I love so much. So online apps already need to go a step beyond. They need to take advantage of the fact that being online they can be accessed by anyone, edited, ammended, shared. That probably requires some re-thinking of the way we use our applications. Who’s up to it?

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  1. ALabdag says:

    This is a test:

  2. This is not a test, The use of online services has alot of benifits. The ability to access all of your data from anywhere is becoming more and more important. Nowadays, when attending a conference, you have access to the internet through a public computer. With the availability of EvDO we can get to the network from anywhere and anytime.

  3. Joe Anderson says:

    I do use a fair few online apps, mainly Digg and Bloglines. However, I receive my Gmail through POP3. I guess I’m still a little old school.

  4. Thor Muller says:

    An increasingly important benefit of Web-based apps is the ability to leverage other datastores and applications via APIs. When any one software product gains the benefits of all the other software in your life the resulting value is at least an order of magnitude greater.

  5. […] AS AN ASIDE | MediaConnect’s Phil Sim has some interesting thoughts on this on his blog … that global access to all your documents takes a bit of bang out of the Web 2.0 bomb. His argument: the main benefit of online word processors, spreadsheets, etc is online document storage. Google has just neatly sidestepped the whole problem. […]

  6. […] Meanwhile, Dan Warne asks the intriguing question: are we Google junkies? Speaking for myself, questions about we have free will or strike Faustian bargains when we explore these new technologies are a little heady for a Friday morning, but Dan also links to a nifty post by Phil Sim that asks whether GDS 3 has just raised the bar on Web 2.0. […]

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