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Squash vs Scoble

Robert Scoble wrote about Squash today. He said no one was reading it. Guess that makes me a real blogger after all.

He also said I was wrong about structured blogging. *gasp* Can he be serious? Squash, wrong? Does this guy think he’s some kind of big shot or something? (btw, most writing lecturers would tell you stringing together three questions in a row constitutes poor writing, but at Squash that’s the kind of living on the edge, we’re into) Scobey, baby, let’s re-convene in a year’s time and see if it’s taken hold. I’ll buy you a beer if it has and you can give me your stock options if I’m right.


Filed under: Self-indulgent wanking

4 Responses

  1. You and me both, mate. Scoble must have something against Aussies.

  2. aablog says:

    People are reading Squash. Sheep are reading Scoble.

  3. crisbox says:

    You have to look it with the optimistic lenses. I came to Squash after reading Scoble…. He pointed me to you….and you got a new reader….

  4. Phil Sim says:

    Guys, I was pretty much taking the piss (do American’s understand that phrase?). I’m very appreciative of Scoble’s link. Think I need a “taking the piss” smiley…

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