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Thanks for nothing, blogosphere

Well, there’s one perfectly brilliant rant that’s gone and gotten royally screwed up.

Man, it was going to be good. I was going to bemoan this whole link clique that you blog-heads have going on. I was going to point out how wonderfully, bloody awesome my blogs were while bitching and whinging that much inferior dross was getting a whole let of attention at placed like memeorandum at the same time that Squash was drowning in obscurity. Sure, I’d only been blogging for two days, but c’mon, how long can it possible take for the cream to rise to the top.

I was going to write how appalled I was that memeorandum’s recommendation for bloggers who want to get noticed is to go out and “ask” for links. What you want me to whore my content around, I was all set to write. Do I look like I’m wearing a suspender belt? (I had at least a dozen tasteless, crass, but positively priceless prostitute analogies running along those lines all-ready to charge out at $50 per half hour as well).

But then things started to go awry. Mark Jones kindly welcomed me to the blogosphere and a bunch of my journo pals subsequently pop in to say hello. Monty adds me to his blogroll. Then memeorandum’s Gabe drops by. Wow, that’s cool. Then as noted in a prior post I get “scobleized” or “scobled” (who the hell has a verb, no make that two verbs, named after then) and next thing I know Squash gets a guernsey on memeorandum.

Dang, it’s hard to have a bitch when things work as advertised. (Without totally screwing up this hard-arsed street cred I’ve got going on, a big thanks to everyone who dropped in, linked, flamed, etc. What an amazing introduction to the blogosphere!)


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5 Responses

  1. Christopher Coulter says:

    Don’t get carried away with the adrenaline rush. The first hits are free. You still have to beg for links and then link back to the egos. And they are nice, as they want to bend you. But if you remain strong as steel, well, you’ll get tagged as a troll, easily dismissed just on name, and not on substance of the argument. Waffle and you get to play the blogger reindeer-games, stay strongly aloof and watch the darts fly in. Plus you will have to keep this up, day in and day out, it will become your drug, your poison, blogs are DOS attacks on productivity. Welcome…

  2. Phil, welcome and good work on rising to the top so quickly as Chris says the trick is staying there, of course if that is what you want 🙂

  3. Do you allow readers to subscribe to this rss feed?

  4. Jimmy Jon says:


    Yo, I like to eat @ Jimmy John\’;s!

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