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Kill the Commodore once and for all

Some things are better off dead.

I, like so many others, grew up with the Commodore 64. I learnt to program, I got into computer games and I discovered bulletin boards on what was my very first computer. And just like I do for that girl, whatever her name was, who I think I did it with for the very first time one drunken night back in ’93, I’ll always had a soft spot for the Commodore. Your firsts are always special.
But as much as the Commodore name will always nostalgically pluck my heart strings, I’m sick and friggin’ tired of people digging up that corpse, dusting off the bones and trying to dress it up in a shiny, new suit and pretend that it’s still alive and kicking. Let it go, dammit. CNET reported today that the Dutch company that bought the brand last year is going to try and relaunch Commodore as a home entertainment device company. My first thought is I wonder if they’ll do a PVR driven by a tape unit. That’d be cool. Then every time I want to re-watch an episode of The Apprentice, I’ll just have to patiently wait for 3 and a half hours while the program loads up. Coolness!
And they can re-invent how you program a PVR. Maybe, it’ll go something like this:
10 Print ”Record Football”
20 Goto 10
Sure, it won’t actually record the footy, but it’ll keep printing ‘Record Football’ down the screen infinitely, which is a far, better entertainment experience, anyway. Great idea!
Seeing the Commodore brand in shops again, I reckon, would be kinda-like what’s-her-name, showing up on my door with a casserole dish full of rabbit-stew, asking for us to give it another go. And being a bloke, I’d probably say why not, hop on board, get performance anxiety due to my desire to relive past glories, screw it up and forever ruin the memory of my first dig forever. Some things are just so much better existing as mere hazy memories, where you can’t remember all the bad crap, just the goodness. For instance, you don’t go watching a movie like Spaceballs again because you’d only come to realise it actually isn’t the funniest movie of all time and what friggin good would that do.
Apparently, Commodore was sold for $32.7 million last time in. Surely, one of you tech gazillionaires out there, can do something actually useful for the industry and buy back the brand and just mothball it. Or else, someone is going to buy up the Sinclair brand, Radio Shack will start building the TRS again and they’ll start a brand new movement called PC 2.0. Then I’d have to start another bloody blog.


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