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Bloggers have higher standards than traditional media. Pffft.

Poor Mark Cuban reckons he was misquoted by the NYTimes and immediately hit back with a detailed blog explaining exactly how the interview he conducted transpired and making clear exactly what he said. We love the  blogosphere for this kind of stuff. Everyone deserves right of reply and now noone is beholden to the media giants if they want to have their say.

But then Cuban seemingly started puffing on something more than his namesake cigar. He went on to ask NYTimes Sunday Business or Bloggers. Who has the higher standards?

Give me a break! To even begin to think that “standards” are inherent to the blogosphere is just totally and utterly ridiculous. Every assertion he makes in his media bash, is flawed. Like “The NY Times is limited by deadlines. They have to get to print and get the product out the door. Bloggers do not”.

Care to time the average time spent researching and writing a typical blog post compared to something that appears in the mainstream media. You don’t think bloggers have deadlines? These beasts need to be fed, mostly in people’s spare time. They don’t allow for a whole lot of fact-checking and thought.

The blogosphere is the wild west. You can write anything you want. It’s the way it has to be. On the other hand, pretty much the only thing that the mainstream media will have left not too far into the future is credibility and it’s reader’s trust. That’s an airball, Marky baby.


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