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If they’re starving what are we?

Just read Om Malik’s post on US carriers ramping up the speeds of their broadband services. He wrote: “To say that we are a nation starved of bandwidth would be an understatement. Generically speaking, The average US broadband experience is stuck somewhere between 500 Kbps to 3 Mbps.

Makes you proud to be an Aussie when you realise we’re tracking at half-the-speed of the “bandwidth starved” yanks, doesn’t it?

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  1. William Luu says:

    Actually, the Australian speeds are on the improve. Several of the larger ADSL providers are looking towards ASDL2+ implementations which offers speeds up to 24Mbps. (Though that speed is “in theory”/”in the lab”.)

    iiNET are providing quite decent speeds on their broadband2+ plans. They are in the best position out of all of the ISPs because they’ve already rolled out more of their own DSLAMs at Telstra exchanges than the others.

    And other ISPs such as Internode and TPG are still in the planning stages of their own DSLAM rollout. Which means they’ll also be able to offer the 24Mbps service.

    I think it’s Telstra that’s holding back the other ISPs in Australia (since many purchase from Telstra wholesale).

  2. Eric Scalf says:

    Bandwith Starved. Cute. I read Om Malik’s post, and was thoroughly amused. As a supposedly bandwith-starved yank, I can honestly say I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    I have a broadband connection, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Recently, my service provider upped the speed from 3mb to 5mb. I notice no discernable difference in my normal operations online. Once I started downloading, I noticed a minor difference, but nothing staggering.

    It’s funny. I started out at 1200bps, way back in the day. Then went to 2400bps, 14.4kbps, 28.8kbps, and finally 44.1kbps (my 56k modem would never connect faster than that). Once I moved to my current location, my modem speed dropped to 26kbps. I then invested in dual-channel ISDN, at 128kbps. I loved it, and thought it was blazing fast, and aboslutely amazing.

    Eventually, I dropped the ISDN, and moved to a broadband “cable modem.” Sure, I really love it, and I would be very upset if I ever had to give it up, but I can reasonably see myself able to exist at around 36 – 44kbps, if need be.

    I think, as American’s, a lot of us get the whole “we’re tops in the world, and thusly should have the best, so where’s my _______” mentality. Stupid american’s. (oh yes, I disrespect my own people quiet a bit, simply because of some of the pure idiocy that comes out of their mouths.)

  3. “I think it’s Telstra that’s holding back the other ISPs in Australia (since many purchase from Telstra wholesale).”

    Yes, that’s true, but Telstra isn’t doing that just to be evil. Telstra has to purchase US bandwidth wholesale too to get all that US content Australian users want so badly, because the US carriers won’t peer with Telstra at the west coast exchanges. All Telstra is doing is passing on the costs (with an admittedly high surcharge).

    I await the day when the WTO is done with talking about wheat subsidies and the Euro wine lake, and it can get on to forcing US carriers to open up their networks to non-US peers. In the meantime, the only thing we as Australians can do it focus more on local content.

  4. Toby Hede says:

    Last week I signed up to IINet ( They have their own DSL infrastucture, so no waiting for Telstra wholesale to sort themselevs out, and I was on in just 2 days. Plus, they use ADSL 2, so I am currently running at 24,000kbps.

    That’s right.

    It’s the best service I’ve used in 5 years of broadband and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  5. Am with iiNet meself and consistently connect at 10000+ kbps down and 1024kbps up.

    That up speed is as fast as my cable down speed used to be!

    Still not good though. Met a bloke from Germany the other day who gets several Meg per second and three phone lines for about $100/month.

  6. duncan says:

    All very good and wonderful when you live in Sydney or Melbourne but try getting ADSL 2 outside of the big cities. I’m moving into a new house next year in a new estate that offers 2mbps cable and thats as good as its gets here.

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