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Monty shows a little leg

My former journalist-contemporary, now budding web entrepreneur Paul Montgomery has lifted his skirt just a little with a screenshot and a bit of an explanation of his tinfinger project. There’s a business model somewhere in amongst that isn’t there, Monty?


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  1. Sure is! Just not much of one on the news pages. The profile pages are where it’s at.

  2. Phil Sim says:

    Well c’mon. Flash us a bit.

  3. They’re not finished yet. Anyway, where’s your you-beaut idea that’s going to make you millions on the Active Web? It’s all very well playing the role of the dispassionate journo who just talks about it, but I thought these days you were a high-flying businessman who actually got things done. Surely with your experience and contacts you could deliver a built-to-flip startup ready made for Fairfax or News to mop up in 12 months?

  4. Phil Sim says:

    Flock, yeh. I should just abandon my old Web 1.0 project (which by way of noting, incorporated elements of social networking/blogging/etc before it became all cool and stuff) because OMG we’re getting into profitability and thats so Un-Web 2.0. I’m more than happy building a business that I dont’ need to flip, thanks.

  5. Phil Sim says:

    Which is not to say I won’t have a dabble…

  6. Yay!

    Yeah, walled gardens of content like ITJourno are uncool these days. However, “leveraging” a profitable business to build a new one is very 2.0. As the saying goes, kill your own sacred cows before someone else does.

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