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I’ve flipped already

I’ve previously noted that I’ve been doing the bulk of my writing in an online word processor of late, Zoho Writer. However, since I’ve been storing more than a half dozen or so documents I’ve become a bit frustrated with the way it handles your document archive and so I had another crack at Writely.

This time round, I didn’t have any problems at all with Writely. I’d previously had all sorts of issues with the spellcheck. I’m not sure if they’ve fixed it or if its related to the fact I’m now using Firefox but I’ve not had any issues lately and I do much prefer the way it manages documents.

So for the moment I’ve flipped word processors. And it’s been all too easy. I haven’t forked out a cent for the service, so I have no financial qualms about changing, I don’t have to install any new software or worry about file incompatibilities. That’s great for me, not so great for Writely or Zoho though, which have to keep competing to maintain me as a user.

The one thing neither have is automatic spellcheck. For both I have to click the spellcheck button to get my little red squiggly lines, that Word inserts automatically. I’ve left feedback with both camps requesting the feature and whichever one delivers the functionality will win me until there’s a new feature I find myself needing.

It’s a similiar situation with my homepage/webtop. I’ve switched between My Yahoo, Google, Netvibes and about a dozen times. They’re all set up similarly with my favourite feeds and then when one of them upgrades I give it a go and then decide whether I go back to my original choice. Even switching calendars is a breeze as most services allow you to export and import.
Now this is the kind of flipping I’m into.

Email tends to be a bit tougher because even if you forward or download your mail to multiple services, you can’t take your sent messages with you. I think that’s why, in the end, people’s portal of choice will be most related to the flavour of email they prefer. After all, there’s absolutely nothing to tie you to search and I think in the end all of the search engines are going to get beter and will eventually have less differentiation between them. Email, as the application most people spend the most amount of time in, remains the killer app IMHO.

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