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We’ll take credit for that one…

Now, we’re not going to claim that we broke the news of Google jumping into radio advertising but a week or so ago, I did write a post called Google on my car stereo? in which I said:

To me, that’s exactly why Google’s star should keep rising. This whole, targetted ad trend has a looooong way to go and the technology required to keep advancing it, is going to become increasingly complicated.

Sending you a targetted ad based on what your reading on the web is a breeze, sending you a targetted television ad based on viewing habits is quite a bit more difficult. And then delivering a radio advertisement, based on exactly where you’re listening from, is a whole different story altogether. This is absolutely the way of the future – noise eradication – and Google has the best position and resources to take advantage of.

This latest move only reaffirms that position.


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