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Bloggers have cred?

Back to Dumenco for a second. I think it’s interesting that the whole argument was based around the notion of “blogger as cool”.

I find that surprising, in itself.

Here in Down Under, being a blogger is not cool. Especially to the media crowd I’m a part of, it connotes amateur hour on the web. Very few journalists have professional blogs because professional journalists write for newspapers, magazines and websites. Bloggers, on the other hand, are the dirty masses pretending they can do journalism too.

I wonder how long it will stay like that.

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3 Responses

  1. That says more about the crowd you hang with and their lack of comprehension.

  2. Rob Irwin says:

    Kel Richards on ABC Newsradio always takes the ‘pretend journalist’ route when he tries to describe bloggers; Kel being the ABC Newsradio ‘WordWatch’ guy among other things.

    It’s fair in the sense that, yeah, some bloggers do seem to think they’re journalists and they’re just, well, shithouse is a good word that comes to mind.

    The thing is, not every blogger suggests, or even wants to be, in that category. Some people still keep blogs as an alternative kind of online diary. True!

  3. coldcoffee says:

    As Paul says: “That says more about the crowd you hang with and their lack of comprehension.” Okay, so blogging is less about fact and more about opinion, but because one person is paid to hold forth and another does it purely because they want to, it doesn’t automatically make the latter’s writing any less valid. Their opinion might be dodgy and ill-researched, but so might a journalist’s; the real value of the Internet is going to be allowing ideas to be judged on their own merit as opposed to by the person who originated them.

    I think perceptions are changing, particularly as the faceless media outlets start blogging. Here in the UK the BBC and the Guardian both do – which is promoting recognition and allowing it to slide gently into the mainstream.

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