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AJAX challenge

I bought myself a shiny, new laptop over the weekend, primarily because the battery life on my old clunker was so poor, I was seldom making it all the way from home to work on a single charge (it’s about an hour and a half trip).

It’s a lovely, new Compaq and together with my recently acquired Vodafone 3G datacard I should be able to stay connected on the train, or indeed where ever my travels may take me.

So last night, I took my new baby out of the bubble wrap and promptly set to the task of personalising her. Of course, as part of that, I needed to decide which apps to install. I instinctively grabbed for Office 2003, but then stopped.

Increasingly, I’ve been using web-based apps like GMail, Writely, ZohoWriter, NetVives, etc. However, I still tend to fire up Word and other desktop apps simply out of habit. So I figure, this is my opportunity, to go cold turkey and see if I do without installing a big, hulking desktop suite.

So this is my AJAX challenge. Is a laptop, a 3G wireless connection and the best that AJAX developers can throw up, a powerful enough combination for me to ditch my Office suite. My pact is that I’ll only install a desktop application if a sustained trial of a comparative web application, proves unsuccessful.

I’ve already weaned myself off Outlook for GMail. Next step is Word. Can Writely or ZohoWriter fill that void. So far so good. I’ll keep you updated.


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2 Responses

  1. Renai LeMay says:

    A highly interesting trial! Make sure to post your experiences on this one, Phil.

    One question would be whether the Web apps can operate successfully over the sort of network connection that the Vodafone card can provide.

  2. Phil Sim says:

    Bear in mind, most of the day I’ll have either a WLAN or Ethernet connection, the 3G connection only has to hold out for my train trip…

    I do think its an important part of the puzzle though, because either web apps are going to have to have offline capabilities or systems are going to need to be permanently connected for this movement to really take hold…

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