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AJAX Challenge: Update

Tonight, I needed to paste a table from my online banking service into a spreadsheet and for the first time in a fortnight I needed to call on a desktop app. While numsum handled itself ok when building a spreadsheet from scratch, it failed me when I needed to bring data in via a cut and paste.

I almost downloaded Open Office but instead I made use of Microsoft Works which was bundled on the laptop. I’m definitely re-thinking whether I’m going to need a fully-fledged spreadsheet, however, I think I’m going to hold out till I get my hands on a release version of Zoho Sheet (it’s been renamed from Websheet).


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3 Responses

  1. Ramesh says:

    Hi Phil,

    Ofcourse we will be supporting bringing in data via cut and paste from external sources. We have already implemented it. We are testing our service and will roll out private beta next week. Will update you then.

    Zoho Sheet

  2. Phil says:

    G’day Phil. Did you try JotSpot Tracker? According to their site they handle the cut & paste, and can export back out to Excel. Be interested to hear how it compares to the others.

    (Another) Phil

  3. Phil Sim says:

    Hey Phil (Another),

    Yes I tried JogSpot tracker. No formulas yet! I’m afraid I can’t even describe something as a spreadsheet if it can’t implement formulas.

    It does look interesting though and I’ll keep an eye on it as it says formulas are coming.

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