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Big things for RadRails

This isn’t my usual beat, but I’m desperately looking for a way off Domino at the moment, so I’ve been checking out Ruby on Rails. I can understand why it’s got such great traction, but its just desperately in need of an integrated development environment (IDE) to accompany it. Enter stage left, RadRails. If ever a product is in the right place at the right time this is it!

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  1. Coda Hale says:

    I totally agree. RadRails, despite a few hiccups here and there, is exactly what Rails needs to gain a stronger entry into commercial development. It’s what we use at work, and each release gets faster and smoother. It’s all well and good to pitch a hot new technology to the boss with promises of higher productivity, but when you let slip that you’ll be using a text editor instead of an IDE… well, it makes people nervous.

    The most awesome thing, though? I can write a full-featured web app using an open-source web server, framework, scripting language, IDE, IDE extensions, browser, and operating system.

    Moo hoo ha ha!

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