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Calendars aren’t stand alone apps

A lot of excitement around about 30 Boxes right now. Om says its the GMail of calendars. Thomas Hawk says Best Calendar Ever!

Scoble wants Microsoft to buy it, WordPress Matt is digging it (as in the old fashioned sense of the word) and Stowe has also joined the chorus.

Problem is – calendars aren’t stand-alone apps. For a calendar to work properly it needs to be integated into the rest of the stuff you do – that’s why it’s a part of Office. That’s why they’re a part of That why’s they’re a part of just about every corporate intranet on the planet.

If you’re an individual, a calendar that exists in a silo outside of your e-mail and particularly your tasks is always going to be hamstrung. You should be able to drag an email across to a date and have it automatically populate a calendar entry. You should be able to take a task and allocate time to it across you coming week and of course deadlines show up automatically.

But as limited as that is – a calendar has to be a part of your corporate workflow. Whether it’s a CRM application, a project management application, a bug tracking system or whatever the primary app that you use at work to keep track of where you and the team you work on is at, your calendar needs to be a part of that.

Yet, in this era of syndication, stylesheets, mash-ups and web services, why are so few, if anybody is, concentrating on letting corporates, portals and so forth integrate their offerings into other larger projects. And these are people who will actually pay!

Maybe, that’s the problem. God forbid any Web 2.0 applications actually generate revenue.

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