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30 Boxes is the Bee’s Dick

The Om, The Scobleizer, The Hawke and all The Others think that the much-hyped 30 boxes is the bees knees. The Squash thinks its the bees dick; ie it falls well short of satisfying.

OK, on the upside. It looks OK, although I like Trumba’s visuals better. The free text parser is cool, but it follows SpongeCell and I suggest that functionality is going to be a part of every single online calendar within the next few months. Tags are good but mandatory in every new online app. And well, that’s about it for me on the positives.
Supposedly, all the cool stuff is the social networking gear. Well, I’m out of luck. I’ve got no friends. Well, no friends who I know of that are using the 30boxes and I’m not going to spam them to suggest they should. Again, I think Trumba nails the multiple calendar idea better than anyone.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that 30 Boxes is going to have to think harder about how it can show off the app’s goodies “out of the box”. Or people aren’t going to be persevere long enough to find out.
However, I think the bigger problem is a calendar is never going to be your social networking hub. Call me a self-centred Nigel but I don’t really care enough about what anyone else is doing that I’m going to want to overlay their diary on mine. I certainly don’t want to use a calendar as the basis for checking out the Flickr photos and blogs of all the friends I don’t have.

No tasks. No ability to drag and drop an appointment. And the only view is a Monthly calendar! I’ve never set any calendar I’ve ever used to Monthly view.

Sorry, I don’t get the hype. Can’t understand the fuss. There’s no business model there. And it’s even going to be hard to flip because of the monthly view and it’s reliance on big screen real estate which means that it’s going to be near impossible to tie into other applications.

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  1. coelomic says:

    I agree, don’t see the point of wanting to look at others Flickr photos via a calendar. This seems to be a crazy trend of hyping up an application by just adding and Flickr feeds to it. Besides to many, calendars are a private application, much like email.

  2. Good post, same here, I’m not wanting to share my entire calendar and I don’t have the time to select which posts could be useful to others. The interface isn’t satisfying me either. I will stick to outlook synched with yahoo calendar for the moment

  3. […] Squash – Phil Sim also has some interesting, thought provoking views from Down Under, albeit with slightly less profanity. I have to say I find myself agreeing with Phil’s recentĀ assessment of 30 Boxes. […]

  4. […] albeit with slightly less profanity. I have to say I find myself agreeing with Phil’s recent assessment of 30 Boxes. Post a comment — Trackback URI RSS 2.0 feed for these comments This entry […]

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