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A new advertising diet

Before I eventually fell into journalism, I wanted to be an advertising copywriter. I thought it would be a more “creative” writing pursuite than what I considered to be the relatively formulaic process that is news writing.

Of course, I was living under the delusion that journalism was all about the writing and that advertising was all about the ideas. But I’ve come to appreciate that for the most part advertising is as formulaic as anything else. How much advertising is truly creative? Precious little. We watch it, listen to it or read it, because it’s force fed to us, not because it’s genuinely entertaining or interesting.

However, in an age where PVRs and BitTorrent rules advertisers are losing their ability to forcefeed you their message. So what can they do? Get creative. Develop ads that people genuinely want to watch. Ads that people will go to Google Video and download.

Who knows, advertising may end up the more creative pursuit, after all.


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  1. Asher Moses says:

    It’s also interesting to see advertisers pursuing new, more creative mediums to display their copy, with money increasingly flowing away from other corporations and towards consumers themselves. For example the company — I forget its name — that will pay for your petrol and give you a car in exchange for having advertising plastered all over it.

    I’m predicting that this sort of trend — paying regular consumers for ad space — will continue. It sounds a little forward-looking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if advertisers started paying consumers to display rotating ads on their home appliances (e.g. the fridge) once said appliances are all able to get online (I believe the buzzword is ‘the digital home’ :)). As with the car deal, you’d obviously have to be a fairly popular individual that throws plenty of house parties!

  2. Andrew says:

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  3. Andrew says:

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