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Prince Charles visits Squash

The only reason I’m blogging is so that I can continue to indugle in my favourite daily game of ‘Check out the kooky Search Engine terms that get Squashed’.

Apparently, if you want to know “How to build a canon” then Squash is the place to come. We’re also a recommended site for people who want to “poo on people”.  Squash is definitely the place to visit if you want to discover the “cool parties for generation y 2005” and we continue to dominate the competition for both online wanking and live wanking.

But our favourite search term over the past two days had to be “When can you get you ears pinned back?” Who else can boast that they get royalty visiting their site, hey?


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  1. Just because Camilla has a bit of a lark while using my laptop, don’t try to make anything of it.

    They may have outlawed fox-hunting but there’s nothing in the ruls about taking down the odd convict for a bit of sport. I’ve still got my rifle – and come to think of it I’ve probably got some form of diplomatic bloody immunity (and if not, well, I damn well should have!).

    So you leave my ears alone and I’ll not start to make royal decrees about your poncy ‘naturally curly’ hair, okay?

    Yours in Royal Magnificence etc etc,


    PS Don’t any of you lot try to change the flag while we’re not looking.

  2. Phil Sim says:

    Thanks for dropping back again Charles. I see your beoming a Squash junky.

    Anyway, I’ll not tease the ears anymore. When your late wife and I used to rendevous behind your back, we used to tease them incessantly anyway, so I’m kinda over that old gag.

    One thing you might want to keep an eye on. I do understand there is a movement taking place to replace the Union Jack with a Union Jack 2.0. I don’t really understand what that means but I think its got something to do with being integrated with Flickr or something.

  3. You bounder! You antipodean cad!

    When we visited Sydney all those years ago, and she knocked me back (yet again) in the bedouir at Kiribilli House, saying “No thanks, Charles, I’ve had my fill and I’m happily stuffed”, I thought she was talking about the wonderful welcome banquet on which we’d supped that evening.

    Had I known she meant ‘Phil’ instead of ‘fill’, I’d have been after you like a corgi after a criquet bakll, or like one’s youngest brother after a male stagehand!

    Yours in Jolly Well Miffedness, etc etc


    PS It’s not really about the flag itself – ‘Union Jack 2.0’ is all about the meme. Or is it the mime? I never did like that silly French chap and his ‘walking into the wind’ routine. But one digresses…

  4. Phil Sim says:

    Don’t feel bad Charlie. I’ve found Camilla’s better in the sack, anyway…

    And Lizzy, that’s not what you said last time we hooked up. Stop pretending you’re not a kinky, leather-loving ho…

  5. I am so jealous of this site. The info on this page is awesome. Hopefully you keep the site going.Keep the posts coming.

  6. I am Peter Horsley and was Royal Equerry to Prince Philip in the 1950´s. During this time I experienced very strange incidents at Buckingham Palace.

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    1) Dr. Jack Miller, former master of Churchill college, Cambs, UK has information about the death of Princess Diana.

    2) He allegedly works for the Security Services and owns an accident investigations company called RB Hawkins Cambridge.

    3) In September 1997 he told colleagues at Churchill college he was suffering from Pagets Disease.

    4) Dr. Miller was a council member of the Winston Churchill memorial trust at the same time of Sir Richard Vickers.

    5) General Sir Richard Vickers was also equerry to Queen Elizabeth in 1956, shortly after me. I totally distrust this man but he has very powerful friends in the British Military.

    6) I also believe that Sir Richard Vickers is also in charge of the Queens Private army that was formed by Lord Louis Mountbattern.

    7) The private army is funded by funds from the Winston Churchill memorial trust and was involved in monitoring Diana before her death. (note: the link to Nicholas Soames who I also distust)

    8) General Sir Richard Vickers was the former Director of Sandhurst Military college where both Harry and William are studying.

    I really need your help and you are welcome to tell your friends and anyone in the media. We need to do everything possible to help the police and bring people to justice.


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