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Gimme karma

I’m a shitty blogger. I’m really bad at responding to comments, hardly ever comment on other people’s blogs, don’t link enough, etc, etc. Now it seems I’ve gone and pissed off the B-Listers as well as the A-Listers. I’m now thinking that this is the reason my Microsoft FUD post dissapeared and I clearly need to earn some karma points with the blogging gods. However, ‘Haarball’ assures me that it’s all about “high-scale government conspiracies” that will unsure the mystery stays unresolved. Check out his blog, Schdenfreude, which I found amusing and also via there I found Tossr, which is worth visiting if for nothing other than the name. C’mon, that’s gotta be worth at least a couple of karma points!


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  1. swiecki says:

    stop making urself such a victim, ur a good blogger, u have plenty of categories, just plz deliver web 2.0 news like u say that u will and not shit about how bad of a blogger u are. thanks,


  2. Ah yes, Phil Sim, I knew him well. That’s before he crashed and burned trying desperately to get to the top of tech.memeorandum. He was a five-post-a-day addict in the bad times. It got so bad that they named a syndrome after him – the B-listers all talk about “simming for a fix”. Last time I saw him, he was living in a cardboard box in a Tokyo train station, communing digitally with what he said was the living incarnation of Technorati, a gestalt entity who could only speak in tags.

  3. Haarball says:

    Cheers for the pleasant words, Phil. Tossr truly is fabulous, make sure you keep reading it.

    Goverment conspiracies are EVERYWHERE, by the way. If anything will steal your carma, they will! Watch out!

  4. Eric Scalf says:

    Okay, honestly, screw the a/b/c list thing, overall. non a/b listers, if you want links, ask. A/b listers, don’t forget where you freaking came from.

    It’s just that simple. heh.

    Anyone who gets pissed off at reality, never had a good grasp of it in the first place.

  5. […] While writing on the subject of blog karma, Phil Sim made the following confession: I’m a shitty blogger. I’m really bad at responding to comments, hardly ever comment on other people’s blogs, don’t link enough, etc, etc. […]

  6. […] It’s almost been a week between posts but I figured this was the regression, Squash had to have. Looking back, Monty was pretty much on the money here. I think I went through a pretty bad case of blog burn-out, brought on by a maniacal greed for traffic. (Quite enjoyed Kevin from Pandora^2’s description of me as a ‘mister johnny come lately blog addict’ – didn’t need the 12 step program, though, just went cold turkey). […]

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