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If it ain’t broke, why you trying to fix it?

So Pete Cashmore dropped by Squash today and posted a response to my post today about Edgio. There’s just one particularly glaring issue I have with what he had to say and that stands with so many Web 2.0 entities.

They’re all trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

What’s with the fascination of trying to “kill” eBay and to a lesser degree Craig’s List. Both of these sites are killer apps. They work really, really, really well. They both have amazing critical mass and they operate as close to a perfect market as you could hope to achieve.

So why are people so intent on trying to reinvent the wheel.

Great innovations solve problems. eBay and Craig’s List have already solved their respective problems. I don’t see any glaring weakness or problem that competitors to either of these services are truly offering.

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  1. Peggy says:

    Everyone is a critic, but only wish to help here. You need to fix the link to Pete’s comment in this post. You pointed to it through your admin login link. It should be:

    – the link critic

  2. Ain’t broke? Have you tried to USE ebay lately?
    It needs an AJAX injection at lightspeed, given that the company seems to have adopted Microsoft’s “innovation” policy: i.e; gather a massive audience, then ignore them.

  3. […] Squash has a post titled “If it ain’t broke, why you trying to fix it?” In it, the author voices some of his frustrations over some of these start-ups trying to take on some of the more established businesses out there on the Web (eBay, craigslist namely). The whole basic premise of it is why would anyone want to switch from one webservice to another when the first webservice suits their needs perfectly? I can’t argue in favour of some of these companies with their various products, because let’s be honest, most of them are complete crap. What I can argue, however, is that to be satisfied with the norm of places like eBay is wrong. […]

  4. Jack DeNeut says:

    Ebay is a perfect market only if you’re talking about the English and German language versions. In the rest of Europe, and in Japan, far fewer people use eBay, because the eBay market in a country like Italy is illiquid. This is mostly a language issue, but currency and shipping are issues for cross-border trading as well.

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