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Really, really wierd

Alejandro asked in a comment today whether yesterday’s Microsoft FUD is SAD post had been deleted? I checked and it appeared to be there. Then Crono Cr@cker commented to say that it definitely had been deleted.

That was really, really strange because I could still see it. But then when I was looking through my posts tonight, I finally noticed that it had been marked “private”, meaning only I could see it.

So what the hell happened? It took me about 10 minutes to even find where I could mark the post as public, so I’m thinking it’s pretty unlikely that I accidently made it a private post.

We’re a big fan of a good conspiracy theory, so we’re happy to entertain all possibilities. Did Squash break the WordPress servers? Were we hacked by a Microsoft PR flack? Did we upset the blogging gods who used divine intervention to remove our post from the blogosphere?

I’ll take any of those options over the possibility that I was plain, stupid enough to somehow trigger a setting that effectively deleted what was one of my best ever performing posts.

Plain wierd.


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3 Responses

  1. Haarball says:

    Any blogger with respect for himself will fall back on the assumption that all errors and mysteries remain unsolved solely due to high-scale government conspiracies keeping it that way.

    Good work. You’re nearly there.

  2. Peggy says:

    Someone is paying to squash the Squash. 🙂

  3. Named!

    Yes, this might sound really stupid but I don’t care
    This is the first time I get mentioned in silly isn’t it? YES IT IS!!! and althou I didn’t get any link in my name, I’m glad it happened it makes me feel more pa…

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