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I’m on the cranky pills… you’re all full of shite

FFS, that’s it, I’ve had my fill. If I have to read one more blog-post from armchair critics lecturing Big Media as to how it should be doing this and why it shouldn’t be doing that, I’m going to do something really extreme. Like eating a donut. On Sunday. For breakfast. And not brush my teeth afterwards.

Do you people really think that large media companies aren’t watching what’s going on in the blogosphere? Do you really think they aren’t paying new media gurus squillions of dollars to provide them with advice as to where this is all going and how it’s going to impact their business? Don’t you think they’re crunched the numbers, analysed their traffic stats, surveyed their readers and viewers. Don’t you think that once the blogosphere, RSS and other Web 2.0 tidbits reach mainstream, they’ll just buy up whoever they need to buy to get a seat at the table.

I have no doubt there will be elements of Web 2.0 that will prove disruptive to Big Media, particularly edge economics, and there will be a few players like Yahoo and Google did in Web 1.0 that break down the doors to the kingdom, but you’re naive if you think Big Media doesn’t know what’s going on. So when Big Media decides partial RSS feeds make more sense than full feeds, when it takes measured steps into blogs and so on and so on, please don’t presume to think it’s because Big Media is full of blinkered, old fools with their heads in the sand. You’ll meet just as many brilliant minds in the media sphere as you do in tech. Fact is, nobody knows exactly where all this is going to lead, so please resist the temptation to think you know better and talk down to people who live and breathe content consumption. You might find there’s actually some reason to their ‘madness’ and you might learn a thing or two yourselves. Or else come back and talk to me when you’ve actually got up out of your armchair and run a big, successful media company.

In fact, I’m going to devote any blogging time I get this week to debunking a lot of your Web 2.0 better-than-thou ideologies, beginning with Scoble and his full-feed fetish. See you soon.


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9 Responses

  1. Hurrah!
    I think it was John Latrelle who pointed out that in snapping up for $600 million or so, Murdoch bought something like 10% of all possible Net advertising space for basically nothing.
    How’s *that* for old media outsmarting new media?

  2. r.e.wolf says:

    Woo! This is gonna be good!

  3. Phil, gimme the name of five “new media gurus” that old media are paying for advice and I’ll buy your donut.

  4. pascoe says:

    Mike Walsh and News Interactie makes one.
    Check out Mike’s pic – he HAS to be a guru with hair like that ; )

  5. Caitlin says:

    What is the deal with this Web 2.0 bollocks? It’s just the web. It’s better than it used to be and it’s being used a greater variety of ways but it’s still the web. Web 2.0 sounds like one of those hype-y things like putting dotcom after every business name. It’s 1999 all over again.

  6. Jake says:

    As someone who’s worked for a big company for years until recently (gone over the agency side), let me say clearly and loudly:

    Big Business, Big Media, and all the other Bigs are NOT doing the type of research you suggest across the board. Yes, there may be SOME firms that are doing those things, but selling it into clients/media buyers is an entirely different discussion.

    Don’t assume that just because YOU get it, and YOU would do it a certain, logical, obvious way that anyone else is.

    What’s that Mark Twain line? Something about never underestimate the capacity of someone to make a fool of themselves? In this case, never overestimate the capacity for old school to ignore or misunderstand new school.

    It’s not as obvious as it should be. And I’m with the other commenter – if you can name 5 experts (who are actually doing the things you mention), I’ll buy you a dozen donuts.

  7. tarry says:

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  8. Nicole says:

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  9. Rudolph Honza says:

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