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Squash is back

We officially declare the Squash hiatus as over.

It’s almost been a week between posts but I figured this was the regression, Squash had to have. Looking back, Monty was pretty much on the money here. I think I went through a pretty bad case of blog burn-out, brought on by a maniacal greed for traffic. (Quite enjoyed Kevin from Pandora^2’s description of me as a ‘mister johnny come lately blog addict’ – didn’t need the 12 step program, though, just went cold turkey).

Anyway, I half wrote a post on some of the thoughts/conclusions/musings I’ve been going through during my period of near-abstinance which I’ll post sometime in the next few days when I finish it. However, suffice to say, I’m going to try and swear off my WordPress blog stats for a little while.

Blog burn-out wasn’t the primary reason for the hiatus, though. My inactivity has largely been down to Kickstart 2006, a media conference held by my company MediaConnect which has prompted a bit of discussion around the Aussie blogosphere this last week. We had around 170 delegates including the majority of Australia’s technology media come together across three days at the wonderfully lush Hyatt Regency Coolum on the Queensland Sunshine Coast this week. Our little team absolutely worked their butt off to pull the event off and it was an amazing success! But more on Kickstart in my next post.


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12 Responses

  1. I think the link you were after for my comment is here.

    One day I’ll forgive you for not flying me up to Coolum. One day.

  2. Marc Shiman says:

    I can totally see this whole stats thing creating dysfuntional behavior when it comes to blog writing. This thing isn’t a contest, but now I’m finding myself watching stats and trackbacks and whatnot.

    My original reason to blog was… to write really. If anyone reads it, its a bonus. Definately you write differently than if you are tracking stats.

  3. Phil Sim says:

    > Paul Montgomery Says: One day I’ll forgive you for not flying me up to Coolum. One day.

    Ha, remember, you’re a ‘vendor’ now…

  4. So is Cameron and you flew him up! Bastard!

  5. Phil Sim says:

    One of the comments I got up at Kickstart, when I was speaking to a journo about why they hadn’t bothered to start blogging was ‘what and sacrifice even more time with my family’. And it sort of dawned on me that so many bloggers, especially in Web 2.0 land are single guys who are investing every bit of time they can in their start-up and can justify the time investment as a marketing exercise. For those of us with spouses and kids, you’ve just got to keep a check on how much time it starts to chew up…

  6. Phil Sim says:

    I’m quite happy with the bastard label thank you. Oh and Cameron’s mob actually CREATES content.

  7. Rob Irwin says:

    You’re totally right, Phil. The old was turning into a serious monster and taking more and more and more and more of my time because I had given it such a broad mandate and just couldn’t resist blogging multiple entries almost every day. I deliberately deleted it — slew the beast — despite the 800 or 900 odd posts on it, so I could start again with much smaller frames of reference, even if I did actually create two blogs from its ashes. Blogging can be a serious timesink. I’m not half the ferret I used to be with it, even if a healthy readership was fun.

  8. Arvind says:

    Welcome back, Phil!

  9. Michael Henderson says:

    Glad to see the hiatus is over! Great work on the Coolum event. Looking fwd to seeing some of your Web 2.0 / blog etc ideas come together.

  10. Renai LeMay says:

    Ah Phil,

    but is the hiatus really over? It’s been almost a week since this post! 🙂

    You are alienating your core audience who are no doubt about to hit that horrid Bloglines unsubscribe button…here I go here I go here I go…..nope I just got a little excited.

    I’ll give you another chance 😉


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  12. […] There is some truth to the notion that many bloggers have nothing new to say and rehash their best posts from months ago. I could make an argument that Phil Sims own blog jumped the shark when he admitted going on a blog hiatus (that’s when I unsubscribed). The only reason I came across his post this morning? Tech.Memeorandum. Oh, the irony! […]

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