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Don’t have a Winer about a quick link

Squash has been lucky enough to receive some quality linkage with our recent series of articles on Google and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how much traffic has been referred to us in the last few days (resulting in us being pushed back up the rankings).

We’ve mentioned in the past that even links from A-Listers like Scoble have only resulted in a couple of dozen readers flowing through and that previously our only real major spikes in traffic have come about through getting pushed up the batting order at Digg or Reddit or via a headline appearance on memeorandum.

So we were knocked off our blogstool by the fact that a single, somewhat cryptic line from Dave Winer’s Scripting News sent about 700 or so users our way. Since, we’ve been watching our traffic that’s by far the most any blog link has generated.

Om Malik’s blog has also been a very good traffic driver in recent days. Again, another one-line mention but we got a few hundred readers from the Om-meister.

I’m tending to think that in terms of raw traffic, the best links you’re going to get are not the one that go into great length analysing your articles because they’ve probably discussed your ideas in enough depth that people don’t need to click through. Rather, links that pretty much just say: “You should click here and read this” are much better for traffic generation even if they’re not “adding to the conversation”.


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  1. Saul Weiner says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Have the same situation on my blog. The human psyche is a funny thing. Anyway, at the end of day I certainly hope many of us do this because we enjoy writing about it and not for too many other reasons.

  2. bobmorris says:

    My political blog,, sometimes gets linked to from a particular much larger blog. Sometimes it can generate 5,000 hits, other times 400.

    Took me a while to realize the 5,000 hit links were because the topic in question was a big topic for that blog. That’s what really drew them. Something they cared about.

    And the referring blog always does what you mentioned, just a one sentence link saying “read this”

  3. It’s funny that, though I know it’s not explicitely what you’re saying here, we all prioritize traffic above conversation in this medium that’s supposed to be conversational more than anything else. If that’s not what it’s ultimately about, what is it?

    Won’t claim to read your blog regularly enough (yet) to say that’s your thing, but I think it’s common and see myself thinking similarly.

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