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Zoho to go, next?

I like to keep tabs on the search engine terms that send through referrals, mostly for hilarity’s sake.

However, I found it very interesting that I’ve received a half dozen or so from people typing in “Zoho acquire”, “Zoho funding”, “Zoho acquisition” and “Will Zoho be acquired”.

Maybe, it’s just your average Joe Blow blogger wondering who might be the next target after Writely?

Or maybe there’s something more to it. You know what they say about where they’re smoke, there’s fire…

Frankly, I’m astonished that Zoho didn’t go before Writely. Zoho would bring to the table not only a word processor, but also a spreadsheet (which is a much tougher piece of the puzzle) as well as a bunch of other great apps.

What’s more it would give Google, or whoever acquires them, an Indian development centre, which as far as I’m concerned would be an asset in itself?

But then maybe that’s what is stopping Zoho from being acquired. Silicon Valley companies tend to have a very incestrous outlook on life. I know an Aussie company who had been negotiating a possible buyout that would have seen them move across to join that firm but in the end the company in question decided to only recruit/acquire from the Bay Area!

Eventually you Web 2.0 in-breeders are going to have to realise there’s a rest of the world out there. I know it’s going to going make the TechCrunch parties a bitch to organise, but trust me there’s a couple of billion people out there to compensate.


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  1. Saul Weiner says:

    If my understanding of zoho is correct, then it’s a tough business model to buy. Why? Because development of their product is outsourced to a community of developers for a stated fee.

  2. This is a message in a bottle. If you are reading this and you are an idiot, go to:

    StrangeNights – The weird side of the web.

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