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Are Widgets killing

Love the widgets but I wonder if they’re taking their toll on the servers?

On three or four occassions I’ve tried to log into my dashboard, only to be greeted with a “server down” message (cute, little message it is, too). Or faced really lengthy waits on every click. Once I tried to serve up Squash and there was my blog template with no content. Eek. must be serving up a good many pages these days. I’ve noticed my traffic from people clicking through the WordPress rankings keep growing. It’s got to take more processing power required to serve up these new dynamic pages, especially those that are now pulling RSS feeds.

And while I might grumble when I can’t reach my dashboard, I’m prepared to live with the early day hiccups because I think the widgets are an order-of-magnitude improvement for

I’ve said before that bloggers need to be able to do more to make their websites, stickier destinations rather than just content repositories. As much as I can see the benefits of RSS feeds, reading content in a reader, really is a very sterile environment and it kills much of the magic that is publishing. So the more widgets, the more power that you can give to the blogger, the better.


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3 Responses

  1. Alejandro says:

    I think so, I saw the same “cute message” several time this week…kind of weird since before the widgets there were no such messages 😕

  2. jackosh says:

    I don’t think I agree. WordPress is new to hosting blogs, and I think that with that, they need some buffer time to experiment with their servers, etc., to figure out what will work best for them. I think that as time goes on, you will see that message less and less.

    A way to ensure that you never see that message is to buy a domain, some cheap hosting, and install WP on your server!

  3. Caitlin says:

    I’m sure the problems will sort themselves out soon enough. I don’t agree about RSS feeders though – I read all my blogs through Bloglines and don’t find it sterile at all. It serves up pictures and everything. I only go to your actual website for the occasional comment.

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