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I Smirch, u smirch, we all smirch

So Gabe finally took memeorandum into another category today, launching WeSmirch. Just take tech.memeorandum and replace Scoble, Winer, RSS feeds and blogs with Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, anorexia and divorces.

Oh, and give it a smick looking make-over. Even with the recent design changes, memeorandum still looks dated to me. It’s quite amazing what a cooler looking masthead and some better looking colours can do for the place. Oh and all the memeorandum kin now have pics. I suspect that’s an introduction driven by WeSmirch. The images don’t do a whole heap for tm.
Interesting decision not to go with celebs.memeorandum, gossip.memeorandum or something similiar. In one respect, it’s definitely the right thing to do. You’re WeSmirch audience wouldn’t care, doesn’t want to care what a meme is. Mind you, not sure if they want to know we smirching is either…

smirch (smûrch) pronunciation
tr.v., smirched, smirch·ing, smirch·es.

  1. To soil, stain, or dirty with or as if with a smearing agent: “their tough, hostile faces, smirched by the grime and rust” (Henry Roth).
  2. To dishonor; defame.

In keeping true to his audience though, Gabe has given up consistency across his brands. That’s ok, if Gabe sees a limited number of brands he’s going to be able to produce. Not so good, if you’re trying to do the longtail thing (although Gabe’s said in the past that’s not his game).

For a tech guy, Gabe has remarkable insight into publishing. For me, that’s why memeorandum wins out in the “memetracker” stakes. In the end, it’s not going to be the best algorithm or the best tech that wins. It’s who understands the reader. It’s who is the best publisher, not who makes the best software.

P.S. If Gabe lends me his brand, I can add a ‘b’ and we’ve got WebSmirch!  Now that I like…


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3 Responses

  1. Gabe says:

    Well said, again. I’d only add that sometimes satisfying the reader does require formidable technical solutions. But yeah, recognizing the problem in the first place is very important too, otherwise you’ll never arrive at those solutions.

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