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Winer gets a life…

Why will Dave Winer be missed in the blogosphere if he does indeed quit?

Because he’s one of the few bloggers left around the joint who don’t blog with an agenda. Whatever people say about Winer and his ego, the one unmistakable thing that you cannot deny is that he is really, really, really passionate about his shit. And what’s more, I don’t think it’s a passion borne out of a need to make money quickly. He’d have done the same thing if there wasn’t any money in it at all.

Take a look down through tech.memeorandum and tell me how many bloggers on that page aren’t blogging with an agenda. Who aren’t blogging as a social networking play, or trying to promote their company or make a name for themselves. How many just really, really believe in what they’re doing?

Why exactly are you blogging? (Yes, I’m looking at your sonny, Jim).

So good luck to you, Dave-o. Give up the blog and get a life. We’d probably all be doing the same if we didn’t have to keep pushing our barrows.

By the way, I absolutely don’t agree with Scott Karp. If Winer handed over Scripting News it would die slowly but surely. 99 per cent of blogs DO NOT have enough substance to them, to exist outside of the strength of the personality that they’re built on.


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3 Responses

  1. What am I blogging? Certainly not introspective speculation about how the future will evolve!
    V.I. Lenin is my favorite futurist, and only because he once said “The future is hard to predict.”
    I use blogging to make myself think about how my kids will interact with popular culture. I have an audience of five. But I would never have done it without the chance to create a conversation on this stuff. Viva blogging!

  2. Surely a small part (or maybe a big part) of blogging is ego. I don’t mean the “sharing the holiday snaps” blogs but ones like Squash, mine at, Winer’s, Scoble’s and others. Aren’t they just a little bit about having something to say and hoping there’s an audience that’ll listen and react.

  3. Rob Irwin says:

    It’s hard not to chortle when he says stuff like, “Blogging doesn’t need me anymore.” I think some bloggers have a seriously misguided sense of their place in the world.

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