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New theme

I was about to write that, by now, you’ve probably noticed the new theme. Then I realised that half-of-you are probably reading in RSS readers and so wouldn’t have noticed it and probably wouldn’t care, either.


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  1. Haarball says:

    You’ve got quite a bit of freedom with this one. Moreso than the other themes?

  2. This is a wonderful theme, much easier on the eyes than the old one.

  3. oh, come on Phil. Don’t be like that!

    It’s a bit of a generalisation to suggest that people who read blogs in RSS readers don’t care about design/layout etc. I think the comments in your previous anti-RSS post made it pretty clear that for most people the choice to use RSS was around efficiency.

    Thanks for mentioning your new theme (so that we RSS readers are aware of it). I’m not usually a big fan of the 3 column layout, but I think you’ve done a nice job with this one.

  4. Phil Sim says:

    Leisa, you’re right I’m being bitchy… I’m tired. Too many late nights!

    Oh and please don’t anyone think I created this theme! On you don’t get that opportunity. This theme is Andreas04 1.0 by Tara Aukerman. So props to Tara!

  5. blackgrooves says:

    Hi, I’m new to WordPress. However, I just signed up for a free account and am having trouble changing my page theme. For some reason, I can’t find a link to add my own banner or change the color scheme. Is there some restriction or something?

  6. Phil Sim says:

    Blackgrooves you need to go into Presentation in your WordPress dashboard. You should be able to work it out from there…

  7. Hey there, I’m the guy who designed the open source template that this theme is based on. I’m glad to see that you’ve given this theme a shot. Good luck, hope it works well for you! =)

  8. Kalphegor says:

    this theme is ugly, instead Thirteen is very pretty

  9. Phil says:

    Just found your blog doing some research into this web 2.0 thing – Im fascinated, (as well as looking for a good online calendar with email notifcations). Nice theme too.

  10. roopa says:

    Nice theme… and how about a new banner too? with ur pretty pic unlike scoble’s :)?

  11. Rick says:

    I like it, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate and links actually stand out. A new banner would be cool but keep it simple.

  12. amed says:

    I really like your white borders and title heading, mind if i use it?

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