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Half-clad conversations?

I really am quite aghast at Robert Scoble's latest post, following on from the Vista controversy.

We should now start deriding people who link to non-credible sources. I
will. Anyone who links to that jerk down in Australia anymore is simply
not doing bloggers any favors.

At our recent MediaConnect Forum I stood in front of the audience of PRs and marketers and recommended they run, not walk, to their nearest book seller and buy a copy of Scoble's Naked Conversations. I explained how they needed to realise that they can not stop the "conversation" and so they needed to be a part of it. I mentioned how Naked Conversations explains in this new world of democratised publishing that companies need to be transparent and open with their customers and potential customers. And so on, and so on.

Doesn't this quote I've broken out, piss on everything that Scoble has previously championed? How does using one's influence to call on bloggers not to link to someone, have anything to do with "naked conversations". How does wanting to tread down a point-of-view in anyway constitute being transparent.

And for that matter how does calling someone a "jerk" not constitute the kind of "snark" that Scoble has railed against in recent weeks. You don't do your credibility a lot of good when you complain about someone's professionalism and in the process lower yourself to name-calling.

Fact of the matter is the efficiency of the blogosphere was highlighted to a tee by this episode. Smarthouse posted its story, some people supported it, some people criticised it. The reader had every opportunity to weigh-up for themselves where the truth lay. That's transparency and I'd argue exactly the opposite to Scoble and say that anyone who is trying to serve a readership, be they journalist, blogger, publisher has a duty to their audience to give both sides of the story and LET THE READER MAKE UP THEIR OWN MIND.

Scoble, dude, run, don't walk to the bookshelf, grab your book, sit down and re-read what you're supposed to stand for.


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11 Responses

  1. Scoble’s in danger of disappearing up his own fundament here, especially after recent fawnings over Origami.
    I thought the whole idea of this blog thing was to take it ALL with a grain of salt and do away with old notions of authoritative objectivity being handed down from on high by MSM. Or maybe I’m wrong too.
    Anyway, better go chase that ripper story I heard a while back about Vista hardware certifications …

  2. shserver says:

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  3. Rob Irwin says:

    But Phil… Scoble’s so clear on this… you can have all the open conversations you like… until you trip over one that offends him. It’s really simple! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. scobleizer says:

    Sometimes I post stupid things. You misunderstood what I’m trying to say, though. But, that just means I didn’t write it well. Bad on me.

  5. The scoby is really losing it, I’m afraid. He says something and does something else!

    Phil: You recommended people to buy Naked Conversations. LOL!

  6. Vishnu K. Mahmud says:

    Hey Phil, nice site. It’s rather ironic this bruhaha started when it did. I just got a copy of Naked Conversations and was beginning to feel sorry for the people at Micro$oft and was ready to give them a fair go. Then Balmer dropped the patent threat bomb against Linux, and all those happy feelings went away. Jedi Knights, close ranks! The Borg is comming.

    Now this. As much as I respect Scoble (hear a lot about him in Shel and Neville’s “for immediate release” podcast), the history of Microsoft’s questionable business practices will continue to weigh against him. Scoble may be a great individual, but he is outnumbered by the collective’s actions.

  7. Mac Beach says:

    Well, thanks to Scobble’s ire I’ll start reading here more and him less. Really, he gets a stick up his butt about the oddest things. He’s gone “mental”. He and Balmer make good poster-boys for the company.

  8. Phil Sim says:

    What you missed the same variety comment about five posts above you, Simon?

  9. BillyG says:

    I’m thinking SLAM!

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