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Richards responds

David Richards has responded on Squash to the criticism levelled at his story. Seeing as some of his detractors have a bigger stick than he does on this matter, I thought I'd break the comment out into a story.

During the past 48 hours a lot of people have passed comment on my
recent Windows Vista story. I stand by it in the same way that I stood
behind a Microsoft story some years ago when I was the first journalist
to report that Microsoft was dropping the Windows version number for
names like Vista or XP. At the time Microsoft denied it.

Microsoft also denied the fact that they were set to bail out Corel
in Canada or that they had done a sweet heart deal to delay Corel
rolling out a Linux suite of applications to go up against Microsoft

I have a long history of breaking big stories and in the scheme of
things this is a piss ant story compared to other major stories that I
have written in the past. However it seems to have wound up a lot of
people to hit their keyboards and spout off. On the question of my
credibility and reputation I make the following comments. Back in 1976
I won a Logie for A Current Affair in Australia for Most Outstanding
Contribution to TV Journalism. Recently the ABC credited me for being responsible for one of the biggest Royal
Commissions Ever held in Australia. I was breaking stories back in
Fleet Street back in the 1970’s so I don’t need a bunch of upstart bloggers
to tell me how to write a story or how to stand a story up.

And if there is one thing that I have learnt over the years and that
is, that one of the most corrupt elements of our society are the police
and that all politicians lie and that the likes of Microsoft will not
only spin doctor an issue but lie, lie and lie again to defend

I come from a very poor family in the British Midlands, I went into
journalism at 17, I worked as a crime journalist and foreign
correspondent. I built the third largest PR Company in Australia which
was sold to Ogilvy & Mather. I built one of the largest IT Media
Companies in Australia and sold it. Throughout all of these commercial
adventures when I was putting my money at risk to employ journalists
and editors I remained above all a journalist. I have made millions
making the right decisions not the wrong ones and that means today
writing the stories that attract eyeballs.

When one accuses a Company like AMD of shafting someone you have to
be accurate or they will sue. And touch wood I have NEVER lost a
deformation action. For example, with the two AMD stories that I wrote
last year the lawyers for AMD tried there hardest to get the stories
iced. They failed because I dealt in core facts.
See here and here.
No other Australian IT publication followed up this story which says
a lot for the quality of IT journalism. I have also accused Intel of
massive tax avoidance while also writing a story that accused Apple of
deliberately moving stock from Apple stores prior them going bankrupt.

Good IT journalism is not all about bits and bytes. Its as much
about business issues and as journalists we have a role to play in
keeping the vendors honest and at all times questioning what they say.



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4 Responses

  1. Well said, David. May you long continue to fight deformation cases (and defamation ones too).

  2. Anon says:

    You’ll note that when “David” posted the comment he linked his name to – which appears to be a domain squatter. I think he may have meant – either way, it doesn’t appear that “David” has the best attention to detail….

  3. There’s no doubt David has written some very good stories. But his recent efforts with slagging off a local hi-fi shop, which he could have avoided if he’d correctly attributed his stories, and now this don’t help his credibility. The smarthouse and smartoffice news letters are still a worthwhile read.

    I wish David the best of luck with future deformation cases.

  4. […] David Richards stands up for his work after criticism of […]

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