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Wyacracker shoots skywards

So Wyacracker is well and truly launched. As far as marketing plans goes, we couldn't be happier. We picked up a bit of traction via our initial blog posts here but were lucky enough to get Mike Arrington to review the product on TechCrunch. That stories ended up on the front page of Digg and we subsquently had many hundreds of requests for beta access.

There some negative comments on both Digg, here and TechCrunch but we were expecting that somewhat. Wyacracker isn't drop-dead technically amazing. It's just a simple, little tool but it does something that nothing else really does (for free anyway). A lot of people these days, seem more intent on praising flash designs and snazzy Ajax coding, rather than bothering to judget the merits of the actual idea behind an application. From the people, who have actually beta-tested the product, the feedback has been outstanding. Yes, we now know that the design didn't work (we were trying to do something fun and non-threatening) but thankfully, alot of people "get it". One example of the use of the product has been a Scout troop that has created a widget on their blog to allow people to register and also view who else is going so that they co-ordinate transport.

They've been able to customise the view that is outputted so that children's names or phone numbers aren't used while still allowing people to see who needs a lift and who can offer one. That's exactly the kind of use we had in mind and we think when people start thinking about how much more they can do with their blog with this application you'll see this kind of thing pop up everywhere.

It's also given us a lot of encouragement already that the world is ready to start building and customising their own applications, which of course, is what Wyaworks is all about. John's attention is now on bashing out the first release of the new Widget-based Wyaworks development environment, which I can assure you will be something that will make people sit up and go 'wow'. We're also probably re-tool the design of Wyacracker now before we open it up to public beta. But we are being very generous with out private beta so if you're interested in giving it a go, just click on the Try the Beta link.


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2 Responses

  1. Ho ho says:

    Phil, it’s disapointing that you are so ready to lampoon the excesses of Web 2.0 and other tech fluffery, but don’t perceive the limitations of your own background in puffing up another of the thousands of pointless developers’ concoctions.

    In five years time you will look back at this as part of your education.

  2. Phil Sim says:

    Ho ho, with all due respect, wait until you see the final product before you knock it. I’m quite confident I’ll be able to stand by this product when it’s released and justify the puff…

  3. Boo says:

    Found this one day….have a look…

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