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M0nty goes mainstream

My good friend Paul Montgomery is back on the mainstream media pony, scoring a gig to write a blog on ZDNet Australia about Web 2.0. It shamelessly flogs Squash's Reality Check tagline, but hey, if you're going to copy, why not copy from the best, hey? Monty reckons he didn't come up with the Reality Check tag and even goes so far to call it unimaginative.  One day on the job and he's already biting the hand thats feeding him. In fact, on his personal Tinfinger blog he's also launched a bit of a tirade against ZDNet US blogger Steve Gillmor as well as well as noting  that "there are some other topics I want to explore here that it is hard to do there, such as getting stuck into Steve Gillmor".

Looks like a bit of censoring going on over at the Zeds. Anyhow, that's what makes M0nty such a good blogger. He's not afraid to rip in, when he thinks its deserved and its nice to see an authentic, experienced blogger who truly understands the medium get a run on a mainstream Australian sites.  

I'm expecting to see Paul write a ZDNet column real soon on the challenges of implementing cross-domain cookies (in joke, please ignore).


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4 Responses

  1. How about one covering the challenges of having a client who bugs you at all hours of the day and night on IM to make insanely difficult changes to their spec and expects it done with a snap of the fingers? 😛

  2. print says:

    Stop using the word blog or its derived forms.

    BTW, for what it is worth, I don’t think it is a ‘score’ writing for ZDnet, they seem to let any hack write for them, like Dana ‘ignorant twat’ Blankenhorn.

    He is stupid. All you side links give me 408 errors. o.0 wordpress having a hard time?

  3. print says:

    Nice writing though, as I mentioned (breaking my own rules is fun)

  4. Prashant says:

    Phil, i am impressed reading your short bio on the page. I think media / advertising is a very exciting field and you are at the midst of it an on top of that you are also an online entreprenure. How do you manage everything?

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