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Clearly, I'm not blogging so much anymore. I'm trying to ensure I blog at least once a week right now so as I don't lose all momentum but I've finally accepted that when you're busy, it's impossible to keep everything going at full pace and if you don't prioritise, either you burn out or you just do a poor job of everything.

Right now, I'm very focused on MediaConnect. We are launching our new event Influence 2006 this week and I'll probably blog a bit about that in a couple of days and we're also gearing up to release of the new MediaConnect websites, which I'm very excited about.

That's been an interesting and enjoyable experience. I was always going to try and incorporate a good dose of 'Web 2.0' into the new MediaConnect portals, but this experience has re-inforced to me that so many of the pillars of Web 2.0, we've already been doing for the last five to six years.

I haven't been able to put as much time as I would have liked into our 1Eyed project. I've been frustrated that I haven't been able to recruit a high standard of franchise operators for the various sites in the network and subsequently still our original franchise that I operate generates the lion's share of the traffic. I had hoped that the site would gather momentum organically but its going to need a kickstart to get it rolling properly. Somewhere I've got to find the time to make that happen, but I do have a lead that could prove interesting.
I've also pretty much figured out that I can't turn over a lot of content for both 1Eyed and Squash. So I think its going to be my Eels in the winter months and Squash in the summer. 

John Hyde tells me he's getting pretty close to releasing a rough, beta build of the Wyaworks platform. Our problem is that John's too successfully monetised the business already. He's got a heap of consulting work based on the original platform and subsequently, we're not churning through the development as quickly as we would have liked. We're probably going to have to revisit the business model and look for a bit of funding earlier than we thought so John can ramp up a little with some help so as to take care of both the consulting work and the software development.

And finally, MediaConnect is moving, physically. We're going to leave behind our big, old office in Crows Nest and head out west closer to where I, and most of the staff, actually live. No more hour-plus commutes every day. We've got a nice, new office, overlooking the water (admittedly it's a man-made lake, but hey, it's better than the view of the tin-roof we've got now) but I'm not looking forward to moving all the phone lines, network, furnitue, addresses, etc. 

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4 Responses

  1. I feel your pain, Phil. It’s hard to keep all the balls in the air sometimes. Blog when you can — it’s quality, not frequency that matters, I think. And good luck with all your various ventures.


  2. Phil Sim says:

    Thanks Matthew, always appreciate your support!

  3. Yet another thoughtful post, thanks a lot. I just looked over some other stuff you made and I look forward to more. Good show.

  4. mmo says:

    Awesome blog keep up the good work!

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