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MS Blogger’s brunch

Tomorrow, Microsoft is holding a blogger’s brunch tomorrow which I’m attending and really interested to see how they handle it. This may well be the first corporate communications event in Australia organised specifically for the blogging community.

I’ve been researching Australian tech bloggers to invite a few along to our Influencers Forum, that my company MediaConnect is running from September 10 to 12 up in the NSW Hunter Valley and unless I’m looking in the wrong places, they aren’t exactly a plethora of IT bloggers out there, especially if you’re trying to find people who don’t primarily blog about what they’re company is doing.

(If you’re an Australian tech blogger and reckon you have a bit of influence, drop me a line).

So exactly who they invite along will be the first thing I’ll be looking at and then I’ll be interested to see if they handle it any different to a traditional media conference.

Anyway, thought I better blog so I don’t turn up as a pretender.

I’ve mentioned before, my decision to let Squash hibernate while I concentrate on my Rugby League blogging and the day gig at MediaConnect. By rights I should be about in a position to be warming Squash back up because the team I support, the Parramatta Eels, were gone at half-way mark. However, they’ve now won nine in a row and are sitting in the top four so it looks like Squash’ vacation might extend for another month or so, if we keep this up.


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2 Responses

  1. Duncan says:

    You’re alive! We were starting to wonder.

  2. mhedayat says:

    how was the brunch?

    m. hedayat

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