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Squash Returns for the Dead

Well all in the space of a week;

– MediaConnect hosted our Influence 2006 Forum in the Hunter Valley, bringing together about 50 journos, a half dozen bloggers, about 40 vendors, a similar number of PR reps, a couple of serious user and channel types and plugged them all together for three days of discourse about the IT industry in Australia.

– My football team lost, which all but puts an end to for another six months

– My coders sent through what should be close to the last set of revisions for the MediaConnect3 portals

Subsequently, I’ve kind of run out of excuses not to blog anymore…

So consider Squash as being back. May the serious blogging resume.

I’ve really missed blogging recently. My footy blogging on 1Eyed Eel is more like reporting than blogging so I’ve missed the actual act of blogging and I’ve also missed the community. Having caught up with a few of the members of the Australian Web 2.0 blogosphere at Influence and then noting Kent’s ‘Phil ain’t blogging much these days’ in his very cool 88 lines post, I’ve gotten the urge to reconnect, so if anyone is still reading this feed, please say hello with a comment or even better a trackback (Need to restart that technorati ranking!)

Other bits of stuff in my life, before I write a real post:

– Me and the missus are well on the way to offspring #2. The next munchkin is due in February and hopefully we’ll find out if it is another he or a she in the next fortnight (we seriously do not have the patience not to know these kind of things…)

– I’m heading over to the UK and the US from October 9 with the better half and munchkin #1. I expect it to be part-holiday, part-work and wouldn’t mind connecting in person with a few folk. Flying into London on October 10, over to New York October 24 and then California November 2 (or as best my memory can serve me).


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3 Responses

  1. Amos says:

    I for one am glad to see you back and blogging at Squash. I’ve been wondering when your feed might light up in the reader. Missed your flavor of Web 2.0 analysis. Congrats on the new munchkin as well.

  2. Phil, it was great to catch you at Influence! I found the whole thing very interesting.

    Great to see you jump back into blogging. Keep it up, it’ll be great to read about the travels if you intend to write while overseas.

  3. You forgot to mention the biggest news, which was getting beaten in poker by yours truly. Welcome back, loser!

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