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Getting away

I flew into London a few days ago and have been seeing some of the sites, although I must admit it’s taken my body clock longer than I expected to adjust!

Also had a meeting with Dan from Daryl Wilcox Publishing – a company with a very similiar business model to us over here. MediaConnect’s business model is pretty unique and DWPub is about as similiar a business to MC as I’ve been able to find. Founder Daryl Wilcox has an almost identical background to mine, being a former tech journalist who founded a journalist portal and then expanded by building a complementary website for the PR community. So it was great to talk to Dan about what we’re doing, hear from some of their experiences and I think we both got a lot from it and hopefully there may also be some partnership possibilities down the road.

One of the reasons I took this trip is because I felt myself becoming a little stale. I’ve been able to take myself away from the business but I’m still doing just enough work stuff to keep the ideas percolating along in the background. It’s working well for me and it’s probably something that all business owners should do. Interestingly, Daryl from DWPub is currently on sabbatical.

I think this is just the second real break I’ve had in six years so it was probably well overdue.  It also gives you the chance to see that, yes, the business can run without you…

Heading down for a quick diversion through Paris and Venice before returning back to London for another few days and then over to the US for a couple more meetings and some more touristy stuff!


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3 Responses

  1. Caitlin says:

    Email me if you want a drink while you’re in London. It’s myfirstnameunderscoremylastnameATyahoodotcomdotau

  2. Rob Irwin says:

    Good work Phil — sounds great. London’s a hip town 🙂

  3. toolband says:

    Have fun, great to hear the about the exciting travels:)

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