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The holiday is over, baby

So I’m back on the job after nearly five weeks off.  I had intended to try and post at least once a week to Squash but between trying to stay in touch with work and seeing and doing as much as possible while away.

A lot of news in the past month, but the one that I found particularly interesting was Google’s acquisition of Jotspot. I tried out Jotspot recently when we were considering platforms for a website for one of our Forums and I was hugely impressed with the concept but thought the execution was just a little bit lacking. The spreadsheet and calendar apps that form part of the wiki application concept just weren’t up there with what Google was offering.

So its going to be very interesting to see Google’s app’s tied into the Jotspot wiki platform. I’m pretty much using now gmail, google docs and spreadhseets, and google calendar as my primary productivity tools these days. I think being tied to a Wiki platform is a massive advance in extending web applications beyond the limitations of desktop applications and I’ll be watching this side of Google’s strategy very closely.


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