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Endless love for Amazon and niche brands

I love Amazon. I think they’re the most innovative company on the planet.

It doesn’t surprise me at all then to see them launch Endless, a new speciality shop for handbags and shoes.

I’ve often wondered why more online sites don’t launch multiple brands. A big, all encompassing brand will never appeal to everyone. You use different brands, different marketing, different campaigns to reach to different audiences.

When you’re talking online products, you can instantly launch a new brand by simply applying a new skin. Design the site from the ground up to appeal to the audience your after rather than trying to do clever marketing trying to sell a brand that will probably never be accepted by some demographics.

As online sites are increasingly commoditised, the competition will become a branding and marketing war like it is in most other mature industries. E-commerce is more mature than most online spaces, so it doesn’t surprise me to see a move like Amazon’s take place there.

TechCrunch asks will we see Amazon launch an array of new brands. My assertion would be yes, and they won’t be the only ones…


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