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Google identity issues

A couple of weeks or so I blogged about how Google had switched on Docs and Spreadsheets for Google Domain for Your Apps.

It appears I managed to do so in the midst of testing, as other people in my company couldn’t get it to work, nor were they able to invite me to edit docs.

Today, I tried to log in with my hosted domain address and I got this:

Locked out!

Then when I tried top open GMail having previously been used my hosted domain mail, I got this message:

Switch now!

This has never happened to me before, I’ve been able to log in under both my standard Google ID as well as my Google Apps for Your Domain identity simultaneously before. Clearly, Google are playing around with their identity systems and trying to work out how to handle this.

I’m firmly of the opinion that Google Apps for Your Domain is a killer app for Google is small business and they need to move on it and allow users to take that identity across all apps. What I’d really like to see is a master identity and for you to be able to associated your different Google identities to it, and then use a drop down box when in apps to switch between them. For example, I have three different Picassa accounts, one for work, one for personal and one dedicated to a hobby and it’s an absolute bitch when I want to switch between them because I have to log out which kicks me out of Email, calendar as well.

Identity is an often forgotten part of Web companies strategy but its crucial and no one yet has nailed it.

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2 Responses

  1. MSFT had identity nailed with Passport IMHO, but no-one wanted to have one (aggressive) company ‘own’ their online life. The fact that even eBay eventually dumped/ignored Passport says a lot.

  2. to have one account for all services is much better than to have a lot of accounts. I like Google account system very much. Thanks them for it

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