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Violent Digg-femmes

Tonight, I had the great pleasure of seeing one of my favourite ever bands, the Violent Femmes, who just happened to be playing at my local pub!

I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with this. Should I be happy that my local is starting to establish itself as a genuine gig venue or should i be distressed that the Femmes have been reduced to playing in suburban Sydney! I’m taking the former, I had the best night and if I can get a great gig out of my local once every couple of months, I’m going to be pleased as punch. Although, it did take a couple of bars for me to adjust to the site of my not-well ageing idols!

Anyway, this brings me to Digg-fans having a spaz over Yahoo! using their interface. My message, quite simply, get over it. Did you notice pligg? Did you notice the countless geek clones abounding the Internet? Did you seriously think none of the big boys would ever catch on?

The problem with the Yahoo implementation of the Digg-user interface is that they’ve cocked it up ridiculously. The difficult thing to reconcile with Digg, is the critical mass it has and that’s what makes it so compelling. The way Yahoo! has deployed the Digg-voting interface, for feedback on its services is all wrong. When I landed there, the top item had one vote! There’s a few good example of pligg sites that do this, but they’re ranking are best-ever votes. That would suit what Yahoo! is doing rather than pretend that they’re getting enought discussion going to make the Digg-voting method work..

Anyway, I’ve been toiling with this issue, because I think I’m going to implement a Digg-style system within my 1Eyed network. I’m trying to work out, at what point the voting system becomes useless, and the various ramifactions when you add a high-level of subjectivity into the mix (ie my users are fans of certain teams, and thus certain stories, and if I have a mismatch of users to one team, that is going to affect voting results and reinforce my misbalance).

Anyway, all I’ve got left to say is… Day after day…

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  1. … I get angry! And I will say …

    Yeah! Get angry. pinched Digg’s interface a million years ago in web time.
    What is it they say about imitation and flattery?

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