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Google Apps start page SUCKS!

My company uses Google Apps and has upgraded to Premier Edition, but I’m bitterly dissapointed with the Start pages.

While Google has been rolling out its cool, new themes for the personal start pages, its Google Apps start page is still lagging about a million years behind. Still no tabs! Surely tabs are even more important for business users than individuals, and they can actually be the foundation of a very cool intranet system (more on this next week).

Plus it needs to give the company far more control over what is customisable and what is not. Allowing me to lock down one column of three is just not cutting it.

And if the lack of features wasn’t annoying enough, it’s buggy as all hell. I can’t get my start page to refresh with the new widgets I’ve added to the locked-down column, so its pretty much unusable.

C’mon Google. This isn’t good enough. I’m actually paying for this service, but the free personalised home page is far superior. Not a great start to monetising these kinds of services.


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  1. Real World Junkie says:

    Welcome to the world of B-B application mate. Where a company actually has to deliver stability and functionality to drive value. And where “Oops, we’re down” just doesn’t cut it.

  2. Poor old Google – there they are inventing a whole new way to work and they cannot get it all right first time?
    What a bunch of clowns.
    I mean … GAFYD premium is, what $US50/seat/year vs. $US500 for MSFT Office?
    What are they THINKING being less-than-perfect with their first effort?
    I think I’m gunna go load Jazz on my Mac Classic. Suites ain’t never been better than that.
    Wonder of the pedals still work or if I can connect it to mains electricity again now?

  3. Kris Tuttle says:

    We started using Google Apps on a couple of sites and have been pretty satisfied with the results. For us the ability to share and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets has been useful and worth going to Apps over a simple website.

    I do agree that the overall feel of it all is very much V1.0 but for our businesses that’s okay. For many I would strongly advise against going with Google Apps if you are expecting an industrial strength solution that has been tested for several years under load. Of course you can expect to pay more for that.

    Overall I’d give Google a B on the launch and expect them to improve things over the course of the year as they typically do.

  4. Mike Oliver says:

    Oy vay, iGoogle has them, how hard could it be to put tabs on Google Apps?

    But Google has a tradition of disparate technologies, GWT for example isn’t really compatible with Google Universal Gadgets, oh well.


  5. Den says:

    Google fights for simplicity: compare and or, but it’s totally different if you’ve paid for an application 🙂

  6. tito castro says:

    Google apps is completely annoying, can’t wait for microsoft web apps 2010 apps demo version coming out on August. Check on youtube for MS Introduction to Microsoft Web Apps 2010

  7. Mark14 says:

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