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The magic is in the motivation

A lot gets talked about what makes Silicon Valley so special. After all, there really aren’t that many tangible obstructions to stop a company in Sydney, Moscow or Calcutta from going large these days with this very virtual, global business environment we inhabit today.

But the thing that is always overlooked when ever people consider performance – whether that be of a business, a sporting team or an individual – is motivation and other such psychological factors. Yet, I’d suggest it’s probably the most important factor of all. For example, when I do my footy tipping, I tend to do a lot better when I tip on psychological factors rather than playing form. Yet despite that, for some reason, I always fall back into tipping based on how team’s performed the week before.

But the truth of the matter is no matter how great an athelete you are, how much intelligence you have, or how wonderful you’re product is – if the motivation and drive isn’t there – it just won’t happen.

I’m riffing about this, because this week on MediaConnect we reported on the fact that an Australian publisher, Knapp Communications, sold its cycling news website for a tiday $AU5 million. That’s not a strikingly, obvious big deal but it means a lot to me because I know Gerard, who owns Knapp, and I’ve watched the site grow and prosper over time.

And you know what? That deal got me really revved up. When someone you know gets a nice payday from building something you’ve seen grow, it does inspire you. Paul Montgomery, who worked for Knapp, expressed similiar thoughts on his blog last night. I’ve had the opportunity to have a chat to Gerard about the sale process and Monty pulled out some of the numbers from the Future press release, and that whole, big world of mergers and acquisitions seems a lot realer now.  When you’re not an experienced entrepreneur, who’s build and sold businesses before it’s defniitely too easy to get dragged into the day-to-day mire, rather than focusing on big picture issues and growth.

Something like this happening on your doorstep tends to both focus and motivate you.

So getting back to my original proposition – you start to imagine what working in the Valley is like, when this type of things happens on a daily basis. Proximity to capital and resources may have something to do with it, but I’m quite sure the “magic” of Silicon Valley is what’s going on in people’s heads.

Anyway, well done Gerard and the crew!  Aussie, aussie, aussie. Oi, Oi, Oi.


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