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No Live at Tech.Ed

Well, I failed in my mission to get a better understanding of what Live is at Tech.Ed. There haven’t been any sessions about it, nor are there any Live people up at the event. Indeed, the general feel I get from talking to the Microsoft folk is that Live is very much a work-in-progress both in terms of how it’s going to be communicated and what is actually going to be encompassed by the brand.

However, I have been promised an interview with local Microsoft Live expert Harvey Sanchez when I get back to Sydney, so more to come!

In the meantime, TechCrunch had this from a Japanese presentation.


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  1. A Hack says:

    The only adjectives that need apply to that family of services are “amorphous” and “ambiguous”.

  2. Hi,

    If you’re talking Tech.Ed Aus, there were 2 sessions…both on the Friday…and we were hanging around all night at ask the experts just waiting for someone to come ask us questions…

  3. Phil Sim says:

    Hi Bronwen, that’s a shame I had to leave early Friday morning.

  4. Tatham Oddie says:


    It’s a pity that you missed out on this. Generally, we didn’t promote the content very well. It also would have been nice to have had Windows Live listed on one of posters for Ask The Experts evening. Unfortunately the most relevant area I could find was the rather generic “Web Development and Infrastructure” so I hung around there for the night.

    During the week, Dr. Neil and I recorded a video for which was basically us having a high level discussion about Windows Live. This should appear online in the next few weeks, and I’ll link to it on my blog when it does. I undertand that Bronwen my also have recorded something with them about Virtual Earth.


  5. John OBrien says:

    Sorry I missed you at Tech Ed Phil, I agree in part that indeed there were no Live Services Microsoft employees at Tech Ed.
    Both Dr Neil and myself as community focused Live Developer MVPs, supported by Tatham and Bronwen respectively, did the best we could to present an overview of the technologies in Dr Neil and Tatham’s case and a dive into Virtual Earth with some Alerts and Messenger integration by Bronwen and myself.
    It’s a pity the timeslot was not ideal but we had about 350 people at our session with mixed reviews.
    We will continue to support the development community with an upcoming site dedicated to Live Services development but will business buy into the Live Services if they don’t really know what they are or mean?
    I’ll be watching your blog to hear what you find out.

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