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Google and StarOffice continue to dissapoint

Duncan Riley writes for TechCrunch today that Google’s inclusion of StarOffice in Google Pack adds credibility to the suite and will result in an increase in marketshare.

I’ve got to say if this is the best that the much-hyped collaboration between the two companies has brought about in the significant amount of time since they supposedly agreed to start working together then there is no credibility to be gained from either party.

I ran OpenOffice for probably six months to give myself a desktop-based option to Google Apps but on my latest desktop install I didn’t bother. I user Word Pad as my offline writer and Publisher if I’m doing something that’s a little tricky for printing.

Google and Sun had a real opportunity to do something great with their collaboration and give users a true online/offline solution if they had managed to get the two working together. Surely it couldn’t have been that much work to to write a plug-in for StarOffice so that documents created on your desktop also got synched with your Google Docs.


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