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Let’s hope GDrive exposes your files

I have long maintained that the single, most important piece of any online suite is going to be the online storage/file management system.

This is another element that none of the big-guys have yet nailed. GDrive has not made an appearance nor has Zoho’s offering in this space, while Microsoft’s SkyDrive was a massive let-down. However, it’s an area I expect to really hot up over the next 12 months.

However, a Google Blogoscoped article notes that there is definite integration happening between Google Apps and GDrive.

Ironically, the best online storage system would be application independent. Omnidrive is furthest down the track with this, in that you can open files with your desktop tool or use Zoho’s Word and Spreadsheet tools. However, as I like to use Google’s Apps it doesn’t work for me.

As mentioned in a previous blog-post this remains a sticking point in the adaption of online apps. Until documents and data aren’t so tied to applications, users remain locked-in and I wouldn’t blame anyone for putting off adopting online apps based on that difficulty alone.

So what I’d really like to see is that GDrive exposes your Apps files so that they can either be opened directly to your desktop tool, or even with a competing product like Zoho. Chances?


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