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Jotspot around the corner

Having sounded out a senior member of Google’s engineering team about Jotspot, it sounds to me like a first quarter launch of the wiki product is likely next year.

While not wanting to put a firm time-frame on the launch, he did seem confident that Jotspot’s re-emergence from its slumber was not far away.

It will be about time, too. I don’t think anyone would have envisioned an 18 month time-frame for Google to move Jotspot onto its software infrastructure and integrate it with the Google Apps products.

However, I remain firm in my belief that Jotspot may be the single most important product for Google in terms of really cracking the small to medium business market, so in that respect I’m not surprised that Google is wanting to make sure it gets it right.

That said, the Google executive I spoke to, did suggest it would still be a work-in-progress – so don’t think the length of time that Google’s been working on this is indicative that its going to be the perfect product at launch.

One question that has come to my mind, is how the Open Social announcement might relate to Jotspot. Part of Jotspot’s beauty before it was acquired was its API and the developer network that it had been developing and it would be nice to see Jotspot leverage whats going on with Open Social. I guess people tend to associate Open Social with social networks but the Wiki is the definitive social business application.

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3 Responses

  1. door hinges says:

    I like google, it must be very good corporation.

  2. yoshiki says:

    There’s a reason their slogan is “Don’t be evil”

  3. As of today, Feb 4th, 2008, the entire website and all the wikis that were being hosted there, are down. Everything is completely gone, and it all goes to some generic hosted website.

    It looks like Google has officially migrated the data over to the new Google domain… the question for myself and all the other users is: Where?


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