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Blogging again

I think I might have just taken my longest sabbatical from blogging for Squash.

Like many bloggers who also run businesses you inevitably just eventually run out of time and energy especially when your in development/creation stage and you really need to give all your concentration and creativity to your project. I’ve been heads down in that stage with MediaConnect for what seems like an agee but just starting to come up for air again now and looking to turn our attention to biz dev and marketing again.

Which will give me an excuse to start blogging with a bit of regularity again. 🙂

I do miss the thought process that blogging prompts me to engage in. To think broadly and analytically. But I tend to lose focus when I blog as my thoughts and attention wonder all over the blogosphere. It’s probably a good time for me now to get my head out of my work and see what else is around before I dive into a new round of development as well. Not exactly sure how long I’ll keep it up for but with the League season coming to an end and my side the Parramatta Eels on the verge of bowing out, I’m likely to have a bit more time again and a need to channel my writing somewhere.

Mind you, I have doubts I have any RSS subscribers left so not exactly sure who I’m talking to. If anyone is still out there say hi!


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7 Responses

  1. gobansaor says:

    Well, you have at least one RSS subscriber left!


  2. Rai says:

    Howdy! 🙂

  3. Caitlin says:

    Still here. Honestly, I don’t bother editing out RSS feeds that don’t update. It’s the ones that update too often that get the heave-oh.

  4. Hi Phil! one more reader left, this time from The Netherlands.

  5. Ry Crozier says:

    I’m still here. a little slower on the newsgator checks…

  6. Emily says:

    Yip, I am here. Actually I wasn’t here before and added you to RSS during your quiet period. Nice to see you are alive and well!

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