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Can we please kill IE6 now

My excitement over Chrome was tempered some what from this blog post from Hank Williams noting that pretty much whatever market share a browser like Chrome gets, we still have the situation where IE6 has a 25 per cent market share.

IE6 is quite frankly the bane of my existence. Most of the issues we have with users having problems with their platform comes about because the user is on IE6 and we spend an annoying amount of time having to write workarounds to deal with this 2001 browser.

Most users who don’t want to move are worried they’ll use their bookmarks, passwords, etc and I’d really like to see Microsoft try and educate its users that they can safely upgrade to the far superior IE7+. The IE browser quite frankly gets an unfair reputation because so many people still see see it through the version six iteration.

We’re now talking about a browser that has been superceded twice in the fastest moving IT realm ever.

Williams said he doesn’t expect Chrome to have any impact until 2010.  God, I hope not.

If your still using IE6 please upgrade. It’s painless and your web browsing will be faster and safer.


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3 Responses

  1. Caitlin says:

    If you are still using any iteration of IE, do yourself a favour and switch to Firefox.

  2. Jake says:

    The problem is corps. A lot of corp software was written for IE6 – and hasn’t yet been migrated to support IE7, or IE7 just doesn’t handle it well. It is a sad but horrible fact.

    Personally, on my work machine I run both. I have IE6 for those work sites I occasionally need, but also have an install of FF running. (Now demoing Chrome as well.)

  3. Andre says:

    Yes, it’s a horrible fact that crappy developers (I like to call them the ‘IT Guys’) make systems which work only in the workaround-oriented programming environment of IE6. In every website I make, I put a hidden div which shows up for every IE6 user, showing a nice advice: “Please upgrade your browser. Click here to see why.” And it takes them to … no no, just kidding. It takes them to page which explains why IE6 is NOT a good option, and what should they do in order to upgrade.

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