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Chrome is ready for prime-time

Google is taking Chrome out of Beta according to Steve Gillmor and already I’m starting to see blog posts questioning whether its ready or not.

I shifted to Chrome as my browser three weeks ago. Driven by the desire to take advantage of its super-slick running of Javascript apps, of which I’m a particularly heavy user, it was the third time I’d given it a go – my two previous efforts abandoned after finding too many sites that simply rendered wierdly.

I really haven’t looked back. Speed was my main motivation, but I’m now in absolute love with the tab-at-the-top interface as it affords so much extra screen landscape. Even if Firefox catches up with 3.1 in terms of performance, I think I’d find it difficult to go back to the traditional browser interface that both Firefox and IE use.

So yes, Chrome is ready to come out of beta. For people lamenting that it doesn’t have plugins and this feature and that, let’s just remember that it’s a browser – it’s job is to render web pages and it does that flawlessly now based on my own experiences.

What this means

As we all know, Google doesn’t exactly like to rush products out of beta, gmail being the obvious example but its OEM relationships necessitates sticking the 1.0 label on Chrome. Watch the Google marketing machine shift into overdrive now. You’ll see it strike more and more deals with PC makers to have it installed as the default browser and I’m already seeing Download Chrome links all over Google properties. 

This is one project, Google clearly cares a lot about.


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