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Back to Firefox and then back again

When it comes to browsers, I’m a performance junkie. So when I recently tested the new Firefox 3.1 beta (soon to be known as 3.5) and I found that on our MediaConnect platform it was performing even better than Chrome, I decided to make the switch. This was helped in some part by the fact that I also stumbled onto the ChromiFox extension, which meant I could keep the Chrome look and feel – including tabs on top – but still be able to make use of the Firefox extensions I’d been forced to give up.

Tonight,  I’ve tested out the new Beta version of Chrome and I’m back. I think I was gone for a full 48  hours. Admittedly, I may have come back anyway as I discovered Firefox 3.1 had a pretty major problem in not recognising Gears. But the beta Chrome is definitely faster than the stable version. And interestingly, I found there were a number of things I missed about Chrome while I was away lile the Home page and my Application Shortcuts.

What all this underline though is the tremendous level of competition and innovation we’re seeing at the browser level now. I’ve tried three new browser versions in the last couple of weeks – the new Safari and the Firefox and Chrome betas – and they’re all fabulous! You really can’t go wrong with any of them. All we need now is for Microsoft to catch up! With IE8 ready to come out of beta, I’m hoping once they have a stable platform they can really focus on performance and get back in the race with the other browsers out there.

We’re going to see some amazing apps built off the back of these new web platforms.


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3 Responses

  1. firefoxvista says:

    Firefox gonna be the No1 browser soon!

  2. Darren Flood says:

    I was suprised to see that Google built their own browser. I thought the browser wars were over way back. But I’m glad they decided to get involved. I have been amazed by how fast and unobtrusive chrome is. I miss firefox’s plug-ins but have actually un-installed it. I keep IE for sites that I have problems accessing with chrome. IE seems to be the lowest common denominator.

  3. John Graves says:

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